The Test Lab

The Test Lab key message

Parametric Testing

Two HP4062C test systems with 48 switchable pins are connected to a Karl Suss 200mm PA200 automatic wafer prober with ProbeShield® EMC for low signal  probing which can be used to perform measurements required by IC-CAP and other parameter extractors under software control. Similar measurements may also be made using HP4145, HP 4156 and Keithley 4200 semiconductor parameter analysers and CV measurements on other manual and semiautomatic probers.

Device and Process Simulation

The Facility uses workstations running with the UNIX operating system to give multi-user access to the Synopsis process and device simulation packages. The following programs are available:

  • TWB - Design of Experiments
  • SUPREM-3 - 1-D Process simulation
  • TSUPREM-4 - 1-D Process simulation
  • MEDICI - 1-D Process simulation
  • DAVINCI - 1-D Process simulation
  • AURORA - Parameter extraction
  • DEPICT - Photolithography
  • TERRAIN - Etch and Deposition
  • MICHELANGELO - Gridder and data display
  • LAYOUT Mask - definition
  • RAPHAEL - Capacitance/resistance calculations
  • ICCAP - Parameter extraction
  • RS/1 EXPLORE AND DISCOVERY - Design of Experiments
  • CORNERSTONE - DOE and Statistical Analysis
Researchers working at the Scottish Microelectronics Centre
Researchers working at the Scottish Microelectronics Centre